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Fire Extinguisher Installation adn Maintenance
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'Fire Extinguisher installation, servicing and Maintenance from RB Health & Safety Solutions'


ISOQAR Quality Assured ISO 9001

Installation of Fire Extinguishers

The British Standards Code of Practice states that fire extinguishers should be serviced and maintained annually by a competent person to ensure that they will work first time in an emergency. This is also considered an obligation within fire safety legislation such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order.

All of our engineers are FETA registered, and can survey your premises to establish your need for fire extinguishers, their positioning, signage and type. This will ensure that your equipment is maintained to BS 5306-3:2009 and BS 5306 PART 8:2000 and ready for action when needed. This ensures that your premises are correctly protected with the right equipment in place, rather than wasting money with over supply or the wrong type of extinguisher.

Our aim is to offer service with integrity - we only propose work that is necessary under the British Standard, and only carry it out with permission. Our engineers are not paid on a commission basis and are therefore not under pressure to make money from sales out of the service visit, unlike many well known fire companies in the UK.

You will receive honest advice, and a detailed schedule of service requirements, from which you can see what your costs will be ahead of time and budget accordingly. We will also be able to give advise on fire safety legislation where required and have specialist advise on hand if needed.

The types of fire extinguisher we service and maintain are:

• Water Extinguisher
• Foam Extinguishers
• CO2 Extinguishers
• Powder Extinguishers
• Wet Chemical Extinguishers

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